Research Saturday 4.15.23
Ep 277 | 4.15.23

New Dero cryptojacking operation concentrates on locating Kubernetes.

Show Notes

Scott Fanning, Senior Director of Product Management, Cloud Security at CrowdStrike, sits down to talk about the first-ever Dero cryptojacking operation targeting Kubernetes infrastructure. The research defines Dero as "a cryptocurrency that claims to offer improved privacy, anonymity and higher and faster monetary rewards compared to Monero, which is a commonly used cryptocurrency in cryptojacking operations."

CrowdStrike was the first organization to discover Dero, and has been observing the cryptojacking operation since the beginning of February 2023. The operation focuses mainly on locating Kubernetes clusters with anonymous access enabled on a Kubernetes API and listening on non-standard ports accessible from the internet.

The research can be found here: