Research Saturday 4.22.23
Ep 278 | 4.22.23

Don't let the Elon Musk crypto giveaway scam swindle you.

Show Notes

Shiran Guez from Akamai sits down with Dave to discuss their research on "Chatbots, Celebrities, and Victim Retargeting and Why Crypto Giveaway Scams Are Still So Successful." Researchers at Akamai have been on the lookout for crypto giveaway scams. These scams have been impersonating celebrities and brands, most notably Elon Musk and his associated companies.

The research states "the scams are delivered through various social media platforms as well as direct messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram." These scams have helped add to the existing damages that exceed $1 billion caused by crypto fraud.

The research can be found here: