Research Saturday 5.27.23
Ep 283 | 5.27.23

8 GoAnywhere MFT breaches and counting.

Show Notes

This week, our guests are Emily Austin and Himaja Motheram from Censys and their sharing their research - "Months after first GoAnywhere MFT zero-day attacks, Censys still sees about 180 public admin panels." In early February 2023, Censys researchers discovered a zero-day RCE vulnerability in Fortra’s “GoAnywhere MFT” (Managed File Transfer) software.

After finding this the Clop ransomware gang claimed that they exploited this vulnerability to breach the data of 130 organizations and Censys found other ransomware groups were jumping on the bandwagon. They said " A single vulnerable instance has the potential to serve as a gateway to a data breach that could potentially impact millions of individuals."

The research can be found here: