Research Saturday 6.3.23
Ep 284 | 6.3.23

Lancefly screams bloody Merdoor.

Show Notes

Brigid O Gorman from Symantec joins Dave to discuss their research, “Lancefly: Group Uses Custom Backdoor to Target Orgs in Government, Aviation, Other Sectors." Researchers discovered in 2020 that Lancefly, an APT group, is using a custom-written backdoor in attacks targeting government, aviation, educations, and telecoms organizations in South and Southeast Asia.

The research states "The backdoor is used very selectively, appearing on just a handful of networks and a small number of machines over the years, with its use appearing to be highly targeted." These targets, though observed in some activity in 2020 and 2021, started in 2022 and have continued into 2023.

The research can be found here: