Research Saturday 6.10.23
Ep 285 | 6.10.23

A new botnet takes a frosty bite out of the gaming industry.

Show Notes

Our guest, Allen West from Akamai's SIRT team, joins Dave to discuss their research on "The Dark Frost Enigma: An Unexpectedly Prevalent Botnet Author Profile." Akamai found this new botnet was targeting the gaming industry, modeled after Qbot, Mirai, and other malware strains. The botnet has expanded to encompass hundreds of compromised devices.

The research states "through reverse engineering and patching the malware binary, our analysis determined the botnet's attack potential at approximately 629.28 Gbps with its UDP flood attacks." Akamai researchers do a deep dive into the motives behind the attacks, the effectiveness of the attack, and how the law has been handling similar cases.The research can be found here: