Research Saturday 8.19.23
Ep 295 | 8.19.23

Politicians targeted by RomCom.

Show Notes

Dmitry Bestuzhev from Blackberry joins to discuss their work on "RomCom Resurfaces: Targeting Politicians in Ukraine and U.S.-Based Healthcare Providing Aid to Refugees from Ukraine." Research suggests that the RomCom threat team has been tracked carefully following the geopolitical events surrounding the war in Ukraine, and are now targeting politicians in Ukraine who are working closely with Western countries.

This group is different from others in that their focus is more on secrets or information which can be useful in geopolitics and specifically the war in Ukraine, instead of financial gain. The research says "Although it is unclear at this point what initial infection vector was used to kick off the execution chain, previous RomCom attacks used targeted phishing emails to point a victim to a cloned website hosting Trojanized versions of popular software."

The research can be found here: