Research Saturday 9.9.23
Ep 298 | 9.9.23

No honor in being a criminal.

Show Notes

This week, our guest is Reece Baldwin from Kasada discussing their work on "No Honour Amongst Thieves: Unpacking a New OpenBullet Malware Campaign." The Kasada Threat Intelligence team has recently identified a malware campaign targeting users of OpenBullet, a tool popular within criminal communities to conduct credential stuffing attacks.

This malware campaign was first uncovered when the team was digging around in a Telegram channel setup to share OpenBullet configurations. Reading through a few of the configurations they identified a function, ostensibly designed to bypass Google’s reCAPTCHA anti-bot solution. Th research states "While the versatility of OpenBullet’s configuration files enable complex attacks, they can also make it difficult for inexperienced attackers to fully understand what requests are being created and what data is being retrieved."

The research can be found here: