Research Saturday 9.16.23
Ep 299 | 9.16.23

A look into the emotions and anxieties of the highest levels of decision-making.

Show Notes

Guest Manuel Hepfer from ISTARI shares his research on cyber resilience which includes discussions with 37 CEOs to gain insight into how they manage cybersecurity risk. ISTARI and Oxford University's Saïd Business School dive into the minds and experiences of CEOs on how they manage cybersecurity risk.

Ask any CEO to name the issues that keep them awake at night and cybersecurity risk is likely near the top of the list – with good reason. With the accelerating digitalisation of business models comes vulnerability to cyberattack. And while spending on cybersecurity increases every year, so does the number of serious incidents. Even the largest and most technologically advanced companies are not immune.

CEOs must formally answer to regulators, shareholders and board members for their organisation’s cybersecurity. Yet the majority (72%) of CEOs we interviewed as part of our research said they were not comfortable making cybersecurity-related decisions.

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