Research Saturday 10.7.23
Ep 302 | 10.7.23

Targets from DuckTail.

Show Notes

Deepen Desai from Zscaler joins to take a look into their research about "DuckTail." In May of 2023, Zscaler ThreatLabz began an intelligence collection operation to decode DuckTail’s maneuvers. Through an intensive three-month period of monitoring, Zscaler was able obtain unprecedented visibility into DuckTail’s end-to-end operations, spanning the entire kill chain from reconnaissance to post-compromise.

The research states "DuckTail threat actors primarily target users working in the digital marketing and advertising space. Unfortunately, the tech layoffs occurring in 2022 and 2023 introduced more eager candidates into the digital market - meaning more prime targets for DuckTail."

The research can be found here: