Research Saturday 10.28.23
Ep 305 | 10.28.23

No rest for the wicked HiatusRAT.

Show Notes

Danny Adamitis from Lumen's Black Lotus Labs sits down to discuss their work on "No Rest For The Wicked: HiatusRAT Takes Little Time Off In A Return To Action." Last March Lumen's Black Lotus Lab researchers discovered a novel malware called HiatusRAT that targeted business-grade routers.

The research states "In the latest campaign, we observed a shift in reconnaissance and targeting activity; in June we observed reconnaissance against a U.S. military procurement system, and targeting of Taiwan-based organizations." This shift in information gathering and targeting preference exhibited in the latest campaign is synonymous with the strategic interest of the People’s Republic of China according to the 2023 ODNI threat assessment.

The research can be found here: