Research Saturday 11.18.23
Ep 307 | 11.18.23

The malicious YoroTrooper in disguise.

Show Notes

Asheer Malhotra from Cisco Talos discussing their research and findings on "Kazakhstan-associated YoroTrooper disguises origin of attacks as Azerbaijan." Cisco Talos' research team, released research attributing the work of the espionage-focused threat actor, YoroTrooper, to individuals based in Kazakhstan.

The research states "YoroTrooper attempts to obfuscate the origin of their operations, employing various tactics to make its malicious activity appear to emanate from Azerbaijan, such as using VPN exit nodes local to that region." They also found that the YoroTrooper continues to rely heavily on phishing emails that direct victims to credential harvesting sites.

The research can be found here: