Research Saturday 1.6.24
Ep 311 | 1.6.24

Diving deep into Phobos ransomware.

Show Notes

Guilherme Venere from Cisco Talos joins to discuss their research on "A deep dive into Phobos ransomware, recently deployed by 8Base group." Cisco Talos discovered that 8Base’s Phobos ransomware payload contains an embedded configuration, which is a significant difference between 8Base’s Phobos variant and other Phobos samples that have been observed in the wild since 2019. 

In this 2-part research series, Talos conducts a deep dive into the Phobos ransomware, including its affiliate structure, activity and capabilities, as well as the one private key that could enable decryption of all the samples analyzed. 

The research can be found here: