Research Saturday 2.17.24
Ep 317 | 2.17.24

Hackers come hopping back.

Show Notes

Ori David from Akamai is sharing their research "Frog4Shell — FritzFrog Botnet Adds One-Days to Its Arsenal." FritzFrog takes advantage of the fact that only internet facing applications were prioritized for Log4Shell patching and targets internal hosts, meaning that a breach of any asset in the network by FritzFrog can expose unpatched internal assets to exploitation. 

The research states "FritzFrog has traditionally hopped around by using SSH brute force, and has successfully compromised thousands of targets over the years as a result." Over the years Akamai has seen more than 20,000 FritzFrog attacks, and 1,500+ victims.

The research can be found here: