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Security Unlocked

Security Unlocked explores the technology and people powering Microsoft's Security solutions. In each episode, Microsoft Security evangelists Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla take a closer look at the latest innovations in threat intelligence, security research, and data science, with a special focus on demystifying artificial intelligence and machine learning. Be sure to listen in and follow us!


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Ep 48 | 10.13.21

Mobile 4N6 101

What would you say is the most personal possession that you own? Most would say their cell phone... unless you still have a few journals from high school. And if you do, this is your reminder that it might be time to let those go. It's become increasingly apparent lately how much info our phones collect from us, from the first app you check in the morning after waking up, recent calendar entries, and your actual heart rate by 9 am. The crazy part is most people don't give it a second thought. It doesn't interest us... until something or someone goes missing, then it becomes a road map to whatever it is you did. In this episode of Security Unlocked, host's Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are joined by Senior Digital Forensics Researcher at Cellebrite, SANS Author and Senior Instructor Sarah Edwards. Sarah walks us through the world of mobile digital forensics while also crushing our dreams on how not so relatable it is to our favorite CSI television shows. She explains what makes mobile forensics unique while incredibly intimate and how a mobile device can be used as part of an attack chain.

Ep 47 | 10.6.21

Untangling Botnets

You're back home celebrating the holidays with friends and family, sharing stories, catching up, and discussing your plans for the year ahead. Next thing you know, that cousin who wouldn't stop sending you emails about the "future of bitcoin" and coin mining kicks the door open, and he's ready to spread some holiday knowledge. Oh yeah, he's also going to cut you in on a sweet deal he has going on with his buddy Carl, who he met at dollar wing night. Unfortunately, Carl is one of the bad guys. He is secretly infecting multiple devices with botnets, collecting crypto-cash at the expense of the naive device owners who don't know that their machines are being used. In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are re-joined by Microsoft Defender 365 threat intelligence team member Elif Kaya, whose current primary focus is with botnets, commodity threats, and phishing delivered malware. Elif explains some of the new techniques from botnets, how they're being used for financial theft via cryptocurrency mining, and the impact on the defender's view of these actions.

Ep 46 | 9.29.21

What the Fuzz?!

Do you have a data science or engineering background? If so, you're in luck. If not, you're also in luck because today's guest found a way to make a few complex subjects understandable for everyone. The first of many topics... Fuzzy hashing. It might sound like an adorable, adventurous Muppet character, but I promise you the reason behind it is not cute at all. The short explanation is "fighting crime with math," and honestly, the short version is all I've got for you. So, sit back and pay attention to an episode even the hosts plan on listening to twice. In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla are joined by Edir Garcia Lazo, a data scientist currently working for the Microsoft Defender Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence Team. Edir specializes in writing cloud machine learning models for the Malware Classification sub-team, working with threat hunters, reverse engineers, or security researchers. Edir talks us through character changes in malicious payloads, polymorphic malware, and the difference between fuzzing and fuzzy hashing.

Ep 45 | 9.22.21

The ‘Three E’s’ of Scam Disruption

Juan Hardoy leads an international team of investigators, analysts, and lawyers inside the Digital Crimes Unit who share a joint mission to protect customers and promote trust in Microsoft technologies. Hearing that might take your imagination to a place where Juan is deputized to fight crime in digital space, and you wouldn't be completely wrong. Still, unfortunately, he's not sitting at his desk with a sheriff's badge and a cowboy hat. It's not as simple as the days in the west, where you can challenge someone to a duel because of a simple "Pop Up" and claim victory with a glass of whiskey, moving on to the next town with problems. Because in every organization, there's at least one person that will click on anything. These issues will continue to grow and evolve in a world where international and national law enforcement are needed, along with a team of investigators creating what some would call the "secret sauce" for tackling cybercrime. In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are joined by Juan Hardoy, an assistant general counsel with the DCU, to discuss his partnership with governments, elected officials, and policymakers. Juan explains the proactive action against cybercriminals trying to hurt our customers, why people aren't going to use our technology or the internet if they don't trust it, and how they bring them to justice in the form of criminal referrals with civil actions.

Ep 44 | 9.15.21

Entering the Virtual Battlefield

Have you ever thought about a career in threat intelligence or cyber security? Possibly finishing school with a degree in computer programming and feel overwhelmed with what to do next? Don't worry; we've all experienced this. Maybe not specifically with computer programming, but the figuring it out aspect. You could be ending active military service and working in cyber operations, helping offensive and defensive cyberspace operations, wondering about the next step. The thought of making the transition from military to private industry can be exciting but also nerve-racking. The good news is that there are many different roads to travel, and with the experience and education you've obtained, you'll most likely have more options than you could have ever imagined. In this episode of Security Unlocked, host Natalia Godyla is joined by Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst Justin Underwood, an army veteran with the personality and charm to calm your nerves. Currently working for a group known as OPTIC, the Operational Threat Intelligence Center at Microsoft, Justin and Natalia discuss his time at Bank of America and Xbox. He explains how it gave him a better understanding of cybersecurity, how he obtained the title of Human Intelligence Collector, and what helped him transition from the army into the world of threat intelligence and cyber security.

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Natalia Godyla is an award-winning B2B product marketer and speaker, currently in the Security Product Marketing group at Microsoft. She specializes in cybersecurity marketing and has a Sec+ certification. Fun fact: Natalia is also a published poet and founder of Rebel Data.
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