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Security Unlocked

Security Unlocked explores the technology and people powering Microsoft's Security solutions. In each episode, Microsoft Security evangelists Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla take a closer look at the latest innovations in threat intelligence, security research, and data science, with a special focus on demystifying artificial intelligence and machine learning. Be sure to listen in and follow us!


Recent Episodes

Ep 55 | 1.5.22

Disinformation in the Enterprise

Disinformation refers to the calculated use of false information to influence others and has been a steadily growing form of information warfare. Unfortunately, disinformation is everywhere these days, often hidden in plain sight. Criminals will also adapt and take advantage of technologies, such as AI and deepfakes, to increase the effectiveness of disinformation campaigns. Of course, there are ways to combat these types of attacks, and we cover recommendations for protecting the enterprise in the 2021 Microsoft Digital Defense Report (MDDR). In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are joined by the Director of Enterprise Continuity and Resilience at Microsoft, Irfan Mirza, who authored the chapter on disinformation in the enterprise in the 2021 MDDR. Irfan joins to discuss what disinformation is, why the use of disinformation is growing, how cognitive hacking occurs, and how cybersecurity can start thinking about adapting their strategies.

Ep 54 | 12.22.21

I am Shroot-less

Microsoft works around the clock to protect their customers, no matter what product they’re using, Microsoft or otherwise. In some instances Microsoft teams up with other companies, creating an all-star cybersecurity team, to handle newly discovered vulnerabilities. It helps everyone stay more secure, and of course, that's the ultimate goal, right? In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are re-joined by Jonathan Bar Or, Principal Security Researcher at Microsoft. Jonathan discusses the recently discovered vulnerability that could let attackers bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP) in macOS, why he believes in investing in cross-platform protection, and the importance of collaboration between security researchers, software vendors, and the larger security community.

Ep 53 | 12.8.21


In December 2020, Microsoft began sharing information with the cybersecurity industry on a group of Russia-based hackers who gained access to multiple enterprises through vulnerable software code, stolen passwords, compromised on-premises servers, and minted SAML tokens. In this supply chain attack, hackers could access the SolarWinds code, slip malicious code into a piece of the software, and use the vendor’s legitimate software updates to spread malware to customer systems. Security Unlocked is excited to share with you, Decoding NOBELIUM. The docuseries gives you an inside look into the NOBELIUM incident, now viewed as one of the most advanced nation-state and supply chain attacks in history, with stories from the frontline defenders who tracked and responded to the attackers.

Ep 52 | 11.24.21

Trusting Your Hybrid Workforce

We are back, covering more of the 2021 Microsoft Digital Defense Report, and this time we’re taking a deep dive into chapter five on Hybrid Workforce Security and Zero Trust. Zero Trust means precisely what it sounds like, never assuming any device or identity is secure; it's like having major trust issues, but in a professional way. With most businesses moving to remote work because of the pandemic, cybercriminals, of course, found new ways to take advantage, especially since most people are now moving between business and personal activity online. For the first time, we’re going to cover a full 12-month recap of what securing the hybrid workforce has been like. In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are joined by Carmichael Patton, Lead Architect for Microsoft's Internal Zero Trust Deployment. Carmichael joins the show to discuss security challenges and trends impacting the hybrid workforce, the three most significant insider risk vulnerabilities, and why some customers are still not using MFA.

Ep 51 | 11.10.21

When Privacy Meets Security

The way most people operate online these days, what would you even consider private anymore? We are so quick to share details about our job, home, friends, and family without even thinking about how much personal info we're giving away. Privacy and user agreements are a part of almost everyone's life at this point, and what do you know about them? For the most part, we often see a user agreement pop up, click agree and move on, but do you know what you just agreed to? Privacy choices have become routine, though they shouldn’t be. In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are joined by Privacy Counsel and Data Protection Officer at Asana, Whitney Merrill. She is an accomplished attorney with 7+ years of privacy, data security, and data governance experience. Whitney discusses how to avoid common privacy mistakes, current privacy attack trends, and the importance of thinking like an attacker.

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Natalia Godyla is an award-winning B2B product marketer and speaker, currently in the Security Product Marketing group at Microsoft. She specializes in cybersecurity marketing and has a Sec+ certification. Fun fact: Natalia is also a published poet and founder of Rebel Data.
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