Security Unlocked 1.19.22
Ep 56 | 1.19.22

What’s a BISO?

Show Notes

Everything is exciting and new when you're a kid, and curiosity inspires many of us to branch out and try new things. For some, that means drawing from our imagination or trying all kinds of sports. And for others it means spending days at the library, checking out books on modem communications, and eventually hacking into the local dial-up community service. That's just a random example, of course... Either way, curiosity can be a powerful tool, even at a young age. To the point that it may help kickstart a career, you didn't even know existed.  

In this episode of Security Unlocked, host Natalia Godyla is joined by S&P Global Ratings BISO Alyssa Miller. Alyssa is a life-long hacker and highly experienced security executive. She runs the security strategy for S&P Global Ratings as the Business Information Security Officer (BISO), bringing together corporate security objectives and business objectives. Natalia and Alyssa discuss her journey in security from a young and curious hacker to a BISO of the largest credit-rating agency, and how she is shaping what the role of the BISO will be for future generations.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:    

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a BISO  
  • How a BISO should interact with the rest of the organization 
  • How to put yourself on track to become a BISO    

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • What are the gaps that the BISO function is trying to address? 
  • What other roles should exist in security, but don’t?  
  • How will the BISO role evolve over time? 


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