Security Unlocked 1.27.21
Ep 12 | 1.27.21

All Your Pa$$w0rd Are Belong to Us

Show Notes

Special Edition! 

We’ve been told for years how important passwords are, taught how to make them stronger and longer and better, and we frantically tear up our home or office when we can’t find that sticky note where we wrote them down. Life feels like it comes to a screeching halt when we’ve lost our passwords, but… what would life be like if we didn’t need them? Can your passwords truly become a thing of the past? Sounds a bit unnerving, but we can promise you, it’s always security first here at Microsoft.  

On this special edition episode of the Security Unlocked podcast, hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla explore the journey of becoming passwordless with Alex Weinert, Director of Identity Security at Microsoft, as he explains why your passwords don’t matter and how going passwordless can protect you from attackers.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:   

  • The risks that are being mitigated through passwordless authentication 
  • Where the challenges lie within using passwordless authentication 
  • The functions of Windows Hello, Microsoft Authenticator and FIDO tokens 
  • How ML is used in these technologies 

Some Questions We Ask:  

  • What does passwordless mean? 
  • What are some common misconceptions or risks? 
  • Where are customers on their journey to going passwordless? 
  • hat is the end goal for passwordless authentication? 


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