Security Unlocked 3.31.21
Ep 21 | 3.31.21

The Human Element with Valecia Maclin

Show Notes

For Women’s History Month, we wanted to share the stories of just a few of the amazing women who make Microsoft the powerhouse that it is. To wrap up the month, we speak with Valecia Maclin, brilliant General Engineering Manager of Customer Security & Trust, about the human element of cybersecurity. 

In discussion with hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla, Valecia speaks to how she transitioned into cybersecurity after originally planning on becoming a mechanical engineer, and how she oversees her teams with a sense of humanity - from understanding that working from home brings unique challenges, to going the extra mile to ensure that no member of the team feels like an insignificant cog in a big machine - Valecia is a shining example of what leadership should look like, and maybe humanity too. 

In this Episode You Will Learn: 

  • The importance of who is behind cybersecurity protocols 
  • How Microsoft’s Engineering, Customer Security & Trust team successfully transitioned to remote work under Valecia’s leadership 
  • Tips on being a more inclusive leader in the security space 

Some Questions that We Ask: 

  • What excites Valecia Maclin about the future of Cybersecurity 
  • How does a mechanical engineering background affect a GM’s role in Infosec 
  • How Valecia Maclin, General Manager of Engineering, Customer Security & Trust, got to where she is today 


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