Security Unlocked 10.14.20
Ep 3 | 10.14.20

Protecting the Under-Secured With Bad Behavior

Show Notes

In this episode, hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla speak with Hardik Suri of the Microsoft Defender ATP Research Team about using behavior-based detection and machine learning to block attacks against Exchange servers, and why it’s so critical to patch and enable security capabilities.  

Then they speak to Dr. Karen Lavi, a Senior Data Science Lead in the Microsoft Defender Research Team, on the neuroscience of threat detection, and how her team is using AI and machine learning to predict and prevent malware attacks

In This Episode, You Will Learn:  

  • Why Exchange servers are so vulnerable 
  • The best way to defend against web shells 
  • The simple things security professionals can do to protect under-protected servers 
  • How neuroscience factors into threat detection 
  • How to catch ‘patient zero’ in an attack 

Some Questions We Ask:  

  • How are techniques for detecting and blocking attacks evolving?  
  • What’s next for behavior-based blocking?  
  • How does machine learning benefit security?  
  • How do you build a diverse team to catch threats?  
  • What’s the next innovation in security research?  


Microsoft Security Blog 

Hardik’s blog post


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