Security Unlocked 8.4.21
Ep 39 | 8.4.21

Mary Had a Little Scam Report

Show Notes

How likely are you to fall for a scam? Survey Says… depends on your demographic. Scammers are evolving, from cold calls on the phone, to computer desktop pop-ups with nagging alarm sounds, to buying out search terms like “email support.” Tech support scams have become an ever-present threat in our online world with 3 out of 5 people globally experiencing them and 1 out of 6 people actually giving their money or personal information to the scammers. Even though there are some honorable people who do what they can to help prevent others from being scammed, the prevalence of these frauds shows they aren’t going away anytime soon.

On this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla chat with Mary Jo Schrade, the Asia Regional Lead for Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, about the most recent Global Tech Support Scam Research. The survey covers over 16,000 people in 16 countries and reveals some insights that will leave some feeling hopeful, and some feeling... a little concerned. It’s a relief to know that scam awareness is on the rise globally; however, the groups most susceptible to giving money to scammers may shock you.

In This Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Which regions are being targeted most
  • How to help those you think are susceptible
  • How to recover your money after you’ve been scammed

Some Questions We Ask:  

  • Who is falling for these scams?
  • How has the public’s awareness shifted over the past few years?
  • Is it ok to pretend to fall for a scam in order to waste a scammer’s time?


Global Tech Support Scam Research

Report a scam

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