Security Unlocked 9.15.21
Ep 44 | 9.15.21

Entering the Virtual Battlefield

Show Notes

Have you ever thought about a career in threat intelligence or cyber security? Possibly finishing school with a degree in computer programming and feel overwhelmed with what to do next? Don't worry; we've all experienced this. Maybe not specifically with computer programming, but the figuring it out aspect. You could be ending active military service and working in cyber operations, helping offensive and defensive cyberspace operations, wondering about the next step. The thought of making the transition from military to private industry can be exciting but also nerve-racking. The good news is that there are many different roads to travel, and with the experience and education you've obtained, you'll most likely have more options than you could have ever imagined.

In this episode of Security Unlocked, host Natalia Godyla is joined by Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst Justin Underwood, an army veteran with the personality and charm to calm your nerves. Currently working for a group known as OPTIC, the Operational Threat Intelligence Center at Microsoft, Justin and Natalia discuss his time at Bank of America and Xbox. He explains how it gave him a better understanding of cybersecurity, how he obtained the title of Human Intelligence Collector, and what helped him transition from the army into the world of threat intelligence and cyber security. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:   

  • How to find your place in the world of cybersecurity 
  • The challenges faced when making the transition from military to private industry
  • What the role of a Human Intelligence Collector is

Some Questions We Ask:   

  • How does military experience help you succeed in the private industry?   
  • What military tools are used and overlap in the private sector?  
  • What are some big projects currently being worked on?  


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