Security Unlocked 11.25.20
Ep 6 | 11.25.20

The Mechanics of Digital Crime

Show Notes

Ever wonder why it's so difficult to really secure a network, systems or data? Cyber criminals are stepping up their game, even as security gets stronger and stronger, and they’re using all sorts of new techniques to break through enterprise walls. In this episode, hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla speak with Donal Keating, Director of Innovation and Research for the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, about one of the key findings in the latest Microsoft Digital Defense Report: how attackers are adapting and becoming more sophisticated. Plus how social engineering is revealing the true weakest link in any security plan -- and it’s something you might not expect. 

Then they dive into what it’s like to hunt threats with Michelle Lam, who brings fresh eyes to every security problem she faces at Microsoft. She explains why not spending time in a SOC early in her career helps her spot potential attacks others might miss, and why she’s so passionate about helping serve under-represented communities and inspiring the next generation of security professionals. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How cyber attackers are using the cloud 
  • Why humans are the weakest link in every security system 
  • The new steps cyber criminals are taking to get people to trust them 
  • How threat hunters look for malicious activity 
  • How networking helps young security professionals 

Some Questions We Ask:   

  • What new threat trends are emerging? 
  • How should security professionals prepare for new threats? 
  • What is a homoglyph? 
  • Why is threat hunting a uniquely human-based activity? 


Microsoft Digital Defense Report, September 2020 

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Microsoft Security Blog


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