Spycast 3.7.16
Ep 197 | 3.7.16

Army Intelligence: A View from the Top. An Interview with the Chief of Army Intel, LTG Mary Legere

Show Notes
SPY Historian Vince Houghton sat down with current Army G-2 LTG Mary Legere to discuss the current role and mission of Army Intelligence. LTG Legere, who has spent her entire career as an intelligence officer, also provides some historical context on how the dynamic environment of military intelligence has changed since the beginning of the “War on Terror.” Finally, LTG Legere provides invaluable insight into what it feels like to be a woman at the top of what has been traditionally considered a man’s world – in a double sense: both the military and the intelligence community – and how she uses her position to help train and cultivate the next generation of America’s leaders.