Spycast 1.11.22
Ep 521 | 1.11.22

“Al Qaeda, DOD & the 9/11 Commission” – with Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Undersecretary for Arms Control & International Security

Show Notes
Alexis Albion – star of our 500th episode anniversary special – is a very good friend of the current Undersecretary for Arms Control & International Security, Bonnie Jenkins. Way back when, they were both on the 9/11 Commission Report – while Alexis’ focus was on the CIA and counterterrorism before the attacks, Bonnie’s was on the DOD and counterterrorism – tiny subjects, I know. In this week’s episode, hear two old friends reminisce, reflect, and put the world to rights. Move over Saturn, get out of the way Jupiter, two huge brains are a comin’ through.