SpyCast 11.22.22
Ep 565 | 11.22.22

“The FBI & Cyber” – with Cyber Division Chief Bryan Vorndran (Part 1 of 2)

Show Notes


Bryan Vorndran (Website, LinkedIn) joins Andrew (TwitterLinkedIn) to discuss how the FBI has adapted to the digital age. As Bryan says, “We are not your grandparents FBI.”

What You’ll Learn


  • The evolution of the FBI and cyber 
  • Weakening cyber adversaries 
  • Motivations behind creating and distributing malware
  • How to keep your information safe from cyber attacks


  • Adapting to change within the intelligence field
  • The value of a passionate and committed team

And much, much more…

Episode Notes

When Bryan Vorndran attended the FBI Academy in 2003, cyber was not on his personal radar, nor was it on Quantico’s vigorous training schedule. Now, almost 20 years later, Bryan serves as the Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division. 

What changed in those 20 years to bring Bryan to the forefront of the cyber battlefield, and how have the tactics and strategies used in this used in this field evolved alongside the ever-changing face of cyber? 

Tune into this week’s SpyCast episode to find out! 

The FBI has historically been associated with law enforcement and criminal justice. How does cyber fit into this world, and what is the FBI’s strategy for defending the country against cyber adversaries? 


Check out the FBI Cyber's Most Wanted list. A look through the details on each of these wanted posters can give you a better idea of the vast array of cyber-crimes committed around the world. 

Quotes of the Week

“We will not arrest our way out of the ransomware problem. We are not going to arrest our way out of the Russia China Nation state cyber vector problem. Right? It's just not going to happen. But again, national tool power is something we will always do, but there has to be a way to degrade the ecosystem to make their life more challenging.” – Bryan Vordran.



*Beginner Resources*


  • Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War, Fred Kaplan (Simon & Schuster, 2017) 
  • Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime, Brian Krebs (Sourcebooks, 2015) 
  • DarkMarket: How Hackers Became the New Mafia, Misha Glenny (Vintage, 2012)
  • The FBI: A History, Rhodri Jefferys-Jones (Yale, 2007)



Primary Sources 

*Wildcard Resource*