Word Notes

Word Notes

A fun and informative infosec audio glossary from the CyberWire.
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Ep 72 | 10.19.21

OT security (noun)

Hardware and software designed to detect and prevent cyber adversary campaigns that target industrial operations.

Ep 71 | 10.12.21

cybersecurity skills gap (noun)

The difference between organizational employee job requirements and the available skillsets in the potential employee pool.

Ep 70 | 10.5.21

digital transformation (noun)

The use of technology to radically improve the performance or reach of the business.

Ep 69 | 9.28.21

bulletproof hosting (noun)

Cloud services intended for cyber criminals and other bad actors designed to obstruct law enforcement and other kinds of government investigations, and to provide some protection against competitors.

Ep 68 | 9.21.21

endpoint security (noun)

The practice of securing a device that connects to a network in order to facilitate communication with other devices on the same or different networks, Rich Howard.

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Word Notes
Rick Howard
Rick Howard is CSO, Chief Analyst, and Senior Fellow at the CyberWire. Past lives include CSO at Palo Alto Networks, TASC, iDefense GM, Counterpane SOC Director, and the Army's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Commander. Rick served 25 years in the Army, taught computer science at West Point, and edited two books. Rick is regularly joined by the CyberWire's Hash Table experts.
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