Word Notes 8.3.20
Ep 1 | 8.3.20

NMAP (noun)


Rick Howard: The word is NMAP.

Rick Howard: Spelled: N as in Neo, M as in Morpheus, A as in Apocalypse, and P as in Persephone.

Rick Howard: Definition: NMAP is a network mapping tool that pings IP addresses looking for a response and can discover hostnames,open communications ports, operating system names and versions.

Rick Howard: Example sentence: Trinity fired up NMAP on her MacBook to see what other devices were listening on the city's electrical grid network.

Rick Howard: Origin and history: written and maintained by Gordon Lyon, a.k.a. Fyodor, NMAP, is a free and open source software application used by both system admins and hackers alike, and has been a staple in the security community for well over two decades.

Rick Howard: In the Matrix Reloaded movie, that debuted in 2003, Trinity, played by Carrie Anne Moss, needed to hack the city power grid. She runs NMAP version 2.54 BETA 25. Searching for a vulnerable host on the target network. NMAP discovers an unpatched secure socket shell server or SSH server. Trinity then compromised that server by running a real-world piece of exploit code that was invented in 2001 against it.

Rick Howard: She used NMAP to discover a vulnerable host and then compromised that host with exploit code that she had in her hacker toolkit.