Word Notes 8.25.20
Ep 12 | 8.25.20

man trap (noun)


Rick Howard: The word is man trap.

Rick Howard: Spelled: M as in mother. A as in authentication. N as in the NSA. T is in technology. R as in revenge. A is in awk. And, P as in police.

Rick Howard: Definition: a physical security access control device consisting of an enclosed hallway with interlocking doors on each end where both doors can't be open at the same time.

Rick Howard: Example sentence: Upon successful authentication, the door to the man trap unlocks allowing entry into the steel reinforced boot.

Rick Howard: Context: A person presents credentials to the man trap entry doorway. If authorized, the entry door opens and the person walks into the hallway. The man trap exit door will not open until the entry door closes. The person then presents the same credentials to the exit door. If authorized and the entry door is closed, the exit door will open. If not, a person is captured in the man trap until security arrives. Physical security leadership installs man traps to separate unrestricted areas from restricted areas, to prevent tailgating by unclear personnel, and to impede access by unauthorized persons.

Rick Howard: In the beloved hacker movie "Sneakers," that debuted in 1992, Crease, played by Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier, explains how a man trap works to Bishop, played by another Academy Award winner, Robert Redford.

Movie dialogue: "What do we got here? It's called a man trap. I borrowed this demo from the manufacturer. It's a digital voice recognition monitor hooked up to an access booth. NSA uses the same technology to keep people out of restricted areas at Fort Meade. Card? Now, speak right into this box. Hi, my name is Martin Bishop. My voice is my passport. Verify me. And you can't pass through unless your voice print matches the one encoded on the card. So we need someone's card. And their voice. Can we beat this with tape? Has to be up close and personal. Otherwise, you will be caught in a steel reinforced booth where the guards with the shotguns are called."