Word Notes 8.1.23
Ep 155 | 8.1.23

iCloud keychain (noun)


Rick Howard: The word is: iCloud keychain

Rick Howard: Spelled: iCloud as in apple's cloud storage and cloud computing service, and keychain as in a device used to hold keys. 

Rick Howard: Definition: A cloud-based sensitive information management system that allows users access across multiple devices. 

Rick Howard: Example sentence: Kevin uses the iCloud keychain to automatically fill in his Google Gmail password after he logs into his phone with face id.

Rick Howard: Origin and context: iCloud key chain is Apple's password management system installed by default by iOS and MAC OS. It allows users to store their passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data in a secure encrypted format. Apple first released it in 2012 with iOS five, but its origins go all the way back to 1997 when Apple released the keychain product for Mac OS eight, a local password manager that allowed users to store their passwords in a secure encrypted format. According to Apple iCloud Key chain can autofill app usernames and passwords, pass keys, credit card information, security codes, and wifi passwords on any device that you approve. It can also generate strong passwords when creating new accounts. 

Rick Howard: Nerd reference: On the fantastic YouTube channel Ellen’s Tips For iOS, Ellen's targeted audience is seniors trying to learn their newfangled iPhones and iPads, how great is that? She had this to say about Apple's iCloud keychain.

Ellen: With the release of iOS and iPad, OS 15, Apple has upped its game in password management with iCloud keychain. Previously, I recommended using a third party password manager, like one password or LastPass if you're using a third party password manager and like it, stick with it. However, if you're new to password management and have resisted adopting a password management, You should start by trying out iCloud keychain immediately. Apple device owners can rely on this system to store account credentials. For example, you no longer have to remember credit card numbers and expiration details because iCloud keychain keeps the information and all your login information for website passwords. If you have more than one Apple device, your passwords will sync and be available on all of them. iCloud keychain is a powerful feature. In addition, apple has provided security by providing touch ID, face ID and verification codes to keep your personal and sensitive data away from unauthorized individuals.

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