Devo Launches Cyber CEOs Decoded Podcast with the CyberWire Network
N2K logoApr 28, 2022

Devo Launches Cyber CEOs Decoded Podcast with the CyberWire Network

FULTON, Maryland, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ The CyberWire announced today that cloud-native logging and security analytics company, Devo, debuted their new Cyber CEOs Decoded podcast on the rapidly growing CyberWire Podcast Network

Hosted by Marc van Zadelhoff, CEO of Devo, Cyber CEOs Decoded brings you CEO-to-CEO conversations with the leaders of global security giants and up-and-coming disruptors. The podcast explores what makes cyber CEOs tick and the lessons they’ve learned from building cyber companies, as they share stories of successes and failures in an ever-evolving technology landscape. Van Zadelhoff and his guests offer insights on critical topics and key issues facing the industry and the challenges of bringing innovative new ideas and solutions to market.

“Cyber CEOs Decoded gives listeners an insider’s view of how today’s cybersecurity entrepreneurs navigate business and technical obstacles, and develop the strategies that guide their companies in a complex and competitive industry. Their compelling conversations leave you wanting to hear more.” said Peter Kilpe, the CyberWire’s CEO and Executive Editor. “We’re extremely excited to be working with Devo and their team to bring this new show to our network.”

“Cyber CEOs face a very unique challenge in running their companies, as they take on the added responsibility of protecting their customers from one of the greatest threats we face in the digital age,” said van Zadelhoff. “My hope is that in this new series we’ll be able to give audiences an unfiltered look at how these individuals got to where they are, what excites them about leading cyber companies, and even what keeps them up at night--while getting to know the person beyond the title along the way.”

The first season launches today with new episodes released monthly. In episode one, van Zadelhoff talks with Sonrai Security's Brendan Hannigan, on how he went from being a security guard on a Jack Nicolson movie set, to cybersecurity CEO. Hannigan takes us along on his cloud security journey. He describes his company’s quest for product-market fit and talks about how he discovered his passion along the way. Their conversation reveals why CISOs may not need to "shift left," but how they definitely have to shift somewhere. Listen to episode one on the CyberWire Podcast Network or wherever you typically listen to your podcasts (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

Marc van Zadelhoff has nearly 20 years’ experience in strategy, venture capital, business development, and marketing in IT and security. As the CEO of Devo, he leads the company’s mission to reinvent how cloud-native data and security analytics are used to empower faster, more confident action, at scale---empowering security teams to focus on the threats that matter most.

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Devo is the only cloud-native logging and security analytics platform that releases the full potential of your data to empower bold, confident action. With unrivaled scale to collect all of your data without compromise, speed to give you immediate access and answers, and clarity to focus on the signals that matter most, Devo is your ally in protecting your organization today and tomorrow. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Devo is backed by Insight Partners, Georgian, TCV, General Atlantic, Bessemer Venture Partners, Kibo Ventures and Eurazeo. Learn more at