Career Notes 12.18.22
Ep 130 | 12.18.22

Don Pezet: Stepping stones are the start of your career. [CTO]

Show Notes

Don Pezet, CTO of ACI Learning, sits down to share his over 25 years of experience in the industry. Don previously spent time as a field engineer in the financial and insurance industries supporting networks around the world. He co-founded ITProTV in 2012 to help create the IT training that he wished he had when he got started in his IT career. He also shares insights for anyone else wishing to pursue IT, no matter their age or past experience. Don explains how important stepping stones are as you get into this field, stating "know that that first job you get is probably not going to be the job you want to have your whole life, but it's a stepping stone that leads to where you want to get." Don started teaching on the side as well as working in the IT field and explains how much his teaching skills come in handy to help him with his leadership skills, which in turn helps him to be a better CTO, helping his customers. We thank Don for sharing his story.