Career Notes 2.12.23
Ep 136 | 2.12.23

Jaden Dicks: It is never too early to start. [CyberVista intern]

Show Notes

Jaden Dicks, a new intern at CyberVista, a company that merged with CyberWire to become N2K Networks, shares his story as a young man growing up trying to get into the cyber community. From a very young age, Jaden hoped to become part of the cybersecurity field, He recalls growing up constantly being surrounded by technology, and now with the help of Urban Alliance, Jaden was able to secure this internship with CyberVista. Urban Alliance is a nonprofit that connects young adults with paid work experiences, such as internships to help them bridge the gaps between education and the workforce. Jaden hopes that this internship will help him further advance his career and help him to pursue his goals of working in IT. He also shares advice to younger people like him who are looking to branch out and start working toward your goals, even as a teenager, and what has helped him to find his rhythm. We thank Jaden for sharing his story with us.