Career Notes 6.4.23
Ep 152 | 6.4.23

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: Doing your chores brings the best out in you. [CTO]

Show Notes

Galit Lubetzky Sharon, Co-Founder and CTO of Wing Security sits down to share her story and how years in the business lead her to be where she is now. Galit shares her insights from her experiences co-founding her company and bringing it out of stealth mode in early 2022, including why she saw the need for Wing Security and what lessons she learned in the process of founding and launching the company. She started her career as a Colonel in the 8200 Unit gives her a unique perspective on the cyber industry. Galit also shares what she does when things get stressful to help calm her down in the moment and help her clear her head. She says "I think it's very important to do things that you love. It should be something that you come and you bring yourself and your passion and, uh, finding yourself the occupation, the chores, the, the tasks that you love to do brings the, the best out of you." We thank Galit for sharing her story with us.