Career Notes 6.4.23
Ep 152 | 6.4.23

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: Doing your chores brings the best out in you. [CTO]


Galit Lubetzky Sharon: Hello, I'm Galit Lubetzky and I'm the CTO and Co-founder of Wing Security.

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: As a child or maybe a teenager, I was always drawn to the analytic uh, courses in school. So math and physics were, uh, more appreciated than, uh, others and I didn't know exactly what uh, I'll do when I'll, uh, grow up. But, uh, my eagerness, uh, drove me to learn, uh, electrical engineering after high school and, uh, once I finished my, uh, degree, I joined, uh, the IDF usually in Israel, we go to the IDF just after high school, but I switched. I, uh, studied first and I joined as an engineer to the IDF I was very, very lucky to join one of the best units, um, unit 8,200 with the best people and, uh, it was a life changing experience because I grew from very hands-on engineer to the cyber career that, uh, I actually have today. 

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: So it took me, uh, some time to get to where I am today. I spent 23 years in the IDF. I started as a hands-on, very technical engineer. Just exploring and understanding the, the new capabilities, that we just, uh, discovered with the internet and the www and http, and it turned out to be the most fascinating thing that we could ever imagine and I was very lucky to be part of a very innovative era, uh, where we developed new capabilities for intelligence collection. Actually, I would say that I was, uh, it was my first startup, but in a very big organization. I developed over the years, so I was, uh, building, uh, new solutions and, um, having to convince the traditional approach to adopt new things because, sometimes it's not easy to imagine what is the potential and what, what will be the gain of, uh, uh, using a new technology. But, once you do the move and you understand that there's no way, back then it was, uh, very, uh, rewarding. I established, uh, new organizations, new operational methods, and new technical solutions. It makes you stay focused and innovative. 

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: My last, uh, role in the IDF was, uh, in the, uh, defense division. I was part of the group that, uh, established the defense division for the IDF. So, um, I walked a mile or two, the steps of the security teams. I know what, uh, what a headache is that, and how, um, the sleepless, uh, uh, nights and how difficult it is to, uh, manage many different risks from many different aspects and to, um, cope and work with a lot of different, uh, solutions. And I think that that was the major, uh, drive when I retired to build my own initiative with my partner, and to build a solution to a very, uh, demanding problem and, uh, an emerging problem in the, uh, cybersecurity domain.

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: So I think I'm very personal. I love to work in a team. I love to be part of a group and I believe that people should love to do what they do, and I love what I do. I love to come, uh, to the office in the morning. I love to see the people that I work with. I love to, you know, drink coffee with them, discuss the problems that we have, the challenges that we have, listened to their needs, listened to their challenges, and I think that together, we build something that is ours, that it's a solution. It's a company that we build together. 

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: I go jogging, I need to clean my mind and I tell myself that it happens and tomorrow I will, uh, see things in a clear perspective because, uh, of course, uh, we have, uh, obstacles on a daily basis. We have a lot of challenges um, but I think that, uh, A can-do approach, uh, believing that we, um, we will figure out the solution uh, even if, uh, now at, uh, this exactly, uh, minute things may look, uh, very dark and uh, complicated. The best thing to do is to breathe, I go out for a run, I clean my mind and, uh, I get back with, uh, a lot of energy to, uh, solve the situation. And, um, usually it works. There are many, uh, challenges, right on a day-to-day. Some days are loaded with, uh, challenges and some days are more, uh, rewarding, but that's the best, uh, part of uh, building, uh, new things, otherwise, it would be boring.

Galit Lubetzky Sharon: I think it's very important to do things that you love. Uh, it should be something that you come and you bring yourself and your passion and, uh, finding yourself the. The occupation, the, the chores, the, the tasks that you love to do brings the, the best out of you. Uh, so that's my, uh, I guess my, uh, 2 cents. I really love what I do and I want my, uh, customers to, uh, to look at the solution that they bought from Wing and say, wow, it's the best solution that we bought and I want my employees and my team, to be proud and say it's so great to work together to build this great solution, uh, and to be part of this, uh, company.