The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.23.20
Ep 1009 | 1.23.20

Phishing with a RAT in the Gulf. More on how Jeff Bezos was hacked. Microsoft discloses data exposure. Ransomware continues to dump data. Windows 7, already back from the great beyond.

Show Notes

There’s more phishing around the Arabian Gulf, but it doesn’t look local. Reactions to Brazil’s indictment of Glenn Greenwald. The forensic report on Jeff Bezos’s smartphone has emerged, and the UN wants some investigating. Microsoft discloses an exposed database, now secured. Ransomware gets even leakier--if it hits you, assume a data breach. And Windows 7 is going to enjoy an afterlife in software Valhalla--you know, around Berlin. Tom Etheridge from CrowdStrike with thoughts on incident response plans.