The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.11.20
Ep 1149 | 8.11.20

Internet blackout in Belarus. Papua New Guinea’s insecure National Data Centre. Chrome and CSP rule bypass. Zoom gets sued in DC. Patch Tuesday. Go Spartans.

Show Notes

Belarus shuts down its Internet after its incumbent president’s surprising, perhaps implausible, no...really implausible landslide reelection. Papua New Guinea undergoes buyer’s remorse over that Huawei-built National Data Centre it sprung for a couple of years ago. Versions of Chrome found susceptible to CSP rule bypass. Zoom is taken to court over encryption. Patch Tuesday notes. Ben Yelin looks at mobile surveillance in a Baltimore criminal case. Carole Theriault returns to speak with our guest, Alex Guirakhoo from Digital Shadows with a look at dark web travel agencies. And card-skimmers hit a university’s online store.