The CyberWire Daily Podcast 5.10.21
Ep 1329 | 5.10.21

Ransomware disrupts pipeline operations in the Eastern US. Other ransomware attacks reported by US municipal and Tribal governments. UK-US advisory on SVR TTPs. SolarWinds update.

Show Notes

Colonial Pipeline shuts down some systems after a ransomware attack, disrupting refined petroleum product delivery in the Eastern US. We’ll check in with Sergio Caltagirone from Dragos for his analysis. Other ransomware attacks hit city and Tribal governments. Joint UK-US alert on SVR tactics issued, and the SVR may have changed its methods accordingly. SolarWinds revised downward its estimate of the number of customers affected by its compromise. Rick Howard previews his CSO Perspectives podcasts on risk metrics. Four guilty pleas in “bulletproof hosting” RICO case.