The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.2.21
Ep 1387 | 8.2.21

SVR was reading the US Attorneys’ emails. Deliveries still lag as South African ports reopen. EA hackers dump game source code. Another look at criminal markets. And Mr. Hushpuppi cops a plea.

Show Notes

SVR may have compromised twenty-seven US Attorneys’ offices. Ransomware disruptions of a physical supply chain continue as South African ports reopen. EA hackers give up, and dump the source code they stole. Double extortion may not be paying off. A look at initial access brokers. Operation Top Dog yields indictments in an international fraud case. Rick Howard tackles enterprise backup strategies. Kevin Magee from Microsoft with lessons learned hiring multiple team members during COVID. And a decryptor for Prometheus ransomware is released.