The CyberWire Daily Podcast 8.18.21
Ep 1399 | 8.18.21

Taliban seizes HIIDE devices. T-Mobile customer data compromised. Ransomware attack against Brazil’s Treasury. Social engineering espionage. Ransomware vs. sewers. IoT bug disclosed.

Show Notes

The Taliban now has, among other things, a lot of biometric devices. T-Mobile concludes that some customer data were compromised in last week’s incident. InkySquid’s in the watering hole. Brazil’s Treasury sustained, and says it contained, a ransomware attack. Siamese Kitten’s social engineering on behalf of Tehran. Sewage systems hacked in rural Maine. Josh Ray from Accenture Security on what nation state adversaries may have learned from observing the events surrounding Colonial pipeline. Our guest Manish Gupta from ShiftLeft looks at issues with the Software Bill of Materials. And an IoT vulnerability is disclosed, and mitigations are recommended.