The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.25.22
Ep 1523 | 2.25.22

Hybrid aggression and hybrid resistance. Sanctions, defense, and (maybe) retaliation. MuddyWater is newly active. Trickbot seems to have retired. Notes on misinformation and the fog of war.

Show Notes

Russia’s full-scale invasion meets regular and irregular Ukrainian resistance. Public uses of intelligence products. Hybrid aggression and hybrid defense in cyberspace, as the civilized world imposed sanctions on Russia. Iran’s MuddyWater threat actor is back, with renewed cyberespionage. Good-bye to Trickbot. Carole Theriault wraps up her look at mobile device security. Rick Howard checks in with Matthew Sharp ( Logicworks) & "Rock" Lambros (RockCyber) on "The CISO Evolution". And some notes on the fog of war.