The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.1.22
Ep 1714 | 12.1.22

Cyberespionage, cybercrime, and patriotic hacktivism. The Heliconia framework described. Cyber risk for the telecom and healthcare sectors. Notes on the hybrid war. Predictions for 2023.

Show Notes

A new backdoor, courtesy of the DPRK. The Medibank breach is all over but the shouting (or, all over but the suing and the arresting). Risks and opportunities in telecom’s shift to cloud. Cyber risk in healthcare. An assessment of Russian cyber warfare. Robert M. Lee from Dragos assesses the growing value of the ICS security market. Our guest is Cecilia Seiden of TransUnion to discuss their 2022 Consumer Holiday Shopping Report. And it’s December, which means…predictions.

Selected reading.

Who’s swimming in South Korean waters? Meet ScarCruft’s Dolphin (ESET)

Medibank hackers announce ‘case closed’ and dump huge data file on dark web (the Guardian) 

New details on commercial spyware vendor Variston (Google)

Risks and opportunities in telecom’s shift to cloud. (CyberWire)

Moody’s discusses cyber risk in healthcare. (CyberWire)

'Do something:' Ukraine works to heal soldiers' mental scars (AP NEWS)

Reformed Russian Cybercriminal Warns That Hatred Spreads Hacktivism (Wall Street Journal)

Cybersecurity predictions for 2023. (CyberWire)