The CyberWire Daily Podcast 12.19.22
Ep 1726 | 12.19.22

BEC gets into bulk food theft. BlackCat ransomware update. Epic Games’ settlement with FTC. InfraGard data taken down. More on the hybrid war. And Twitter asks for the voice of the people.

Show Notes

BEC takes aim at physical goods (including food). BlackCat ransomware activity increases. Epic Games settles an FTC regulatory case. The InfraGard database was pulled from a dark web auction site. CISA releases forty-one ICS advisories. Rick Howard interviews author Andy Greenberg. Rob Boyce from Accenture examines holiday cyber threats. The growing value of open source intelligence. Twitter says vox populi, vox dei.

Selected reading.

FBI, FDA OCI, and USDA Release Joint Cybersecurity Advisory Regarding Business Email Compromise Schemes Used to Steal Food (CISA)

Colombian energy supplier EPM hit by BlackCat ransomware attack (BleepingComputer)

Events D.C. data published online in apparent ransomware attack (Washington Post) 

Fortnite Video Game Maker Epic Games to Pay More Than Half a Billion Dollars over FTC Allegations of Privacy Violations and Unwanted Charges (Federal Trade Commission) 

Hacker Halts Sale of FBI's High-Profile InfraGard Database (HackRead) 

CISA Releases Forty-One Industrial Control Systems Advisories (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) 

Russia’s Wartime Cyber Operations in Ukraine: Military Impacts, Influences, and Implications (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) 

How open-source intelligence has shaped the Russia-Ukraine war (GOV.UK)

Front-line video makes Ukrainian combat some of history’s most watched (Washington Post) 

Elon Musk Polls Twitter Users, Asking Whether He Should Step Down (Wall Street Journal)

Musk asks: Should I stay as CEO? (Computing)

Elon Musk’s Twitter Poll Shows Users Want Him to Step Down (Wall Street Journal) 

Elon Musk’s Twitter poll: 10 million say he should step down (the Guardian)