The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.13.23
Ep 1739 | 1.13.23

Updates on the hybrid war, and on the incidents at the Royal Mail, the FAA, and the Guardian. Royal ransomware exploits Citrix vulnerability. CISA’s annual report is out.

Show Notes

GitHub disables NoName accounts. Russia dismisses reports of cyberespionage attempts against US National Laboratories. The Royal Mail cyber incident is now identified as ransomware attack. An update on the NOTAM issues that interfered with civil aviation. A Citrix vulnerability is exploited by ransomware group. CISA publishes its annual report. Bryan Vorndran of the FBI Cyber Division calibrates expectations with regard to the IC3. Our guest is Kayne McGladrey with insights on 2023 from the IEEE. And Positive Hack Days and the growing isolation of Russia's cyber sector.

Selected reading.

 Impact of Technology in 2023 and Beyond (IEEE)

Ukraine at D+323: Fighting in Soledar, and industrial mobilization. (CyberWire)

GitHub disables pro-Russian hacktivist DDoS pages (CyberScoop)

Russia criticises Reuters story on Russian hackers targeting U.S. nuclear scientists (Reuters)

Royal Mail cyber incident now identified as ransomware attack. (CyberWire)

Not a cyberattack, but an IT failure. (CyberWire)

The Guardian breach and news media as targets. (CyberWire)

Citrix vulnerability exploited by ransomware group. (CyberWire)

2022 Year In Review (CISA)

Russia’s largest hacking conference reflects isolated cyber ecosystem (Brookings)