The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.17.23
Ep 1864 | 7.17.23

Developments in the C2C market. Cyberespionage against Westminster. Notes from Russia’s hybrid war. And don’t take that typo to Timbuktu.

Show Notes

WormGPT is a new AI threat. TeamTNT seems to be back. Chinese intelligence services actively pursue British MPs. Gamaredon's quick info theft. Russia’s FSB bans Apple devices. The troll farmers of the Internet Research Agency may not yet be down for the count. Anonymous Sudan claims a "demonstration" attack against PayPal, with more to come. Carole Theriault looks at popular email lures. My conversation with N2K president Simone Petrella on the White House’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan. And, friends, don’t take this typo to Timbuktu.

Selected reading.

WormGPT, an "ethics-free" text generator. (CyberWire)

TeamTNT (or someone a lot like them) may be preparing a major campaign. (CyberWire)

Chinese government hackers ‘frequently’ targeting MPs, warns new report (Record) 

Gamaredon hackers start stealing data 30 minutes after a breach (BleepingComputer) 

Russia-linked APT Gamaredon starts stealing data from victims between 30 and 50 minutes after the initial compromise (Security Affairs)

Armageddon in Ukraine – how one Russia-backed hacking group operates (CyberSecurity Connect)

Russian hacking group Armageddon increasingly targets Ukrainian state services (Record)

Russia bans officials from using iPhones in U.S. spying row (Apple Insider)

Prigozhin's Media Companies May Resume Work As Mutiny Fallout Dissipates, FT Reports (Radio Free Europe | Radio Liberty)

Anonymous Sudan claims it hit PayPal with 'warning' DDoS cyberattack (Tech Monitor) 

Typo leaks millions of US military emails to Mali web operator (Financial Times)