The CyberWire Daily Podcast 2.8.24
Ep 2000 | 2.8.24

Volt Typhoon’s stealthy threat to US critical infrastructure.

Show Notes

A joint advisory warns of Volt Typhoon’s extended network infiltration. Check your Cisco devices for patches. Fortinet clarifies its latest vulnerabilities. Internet outages plague Pakistan on election day. Kaspersky describes the new Coyote banking trojan. Cyber insurance is projected to reach new heights. The White House appoints a leader for the AI Safety Institute, and sees pushback on proposed reporting regulations. Can we hold AI liable for its foreseeable harms? Joe Carrigan joins us with insights on the Mother of All Data Breaches. The potential of Passkeys versus the comfort of passwords.

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CyberWire Guest

Podcast partner and Hacking Humans co-host Joe Carrigan stops by today to discuss the mother of all data breaches.

Selected Reading

Chinese hackers hid in US infrastructure network for 5 years (BleepingComputer) 

Akira, LockBit actively searching for vulnerable Cisco ASA devices (Help Net Security)

Cisco fixes critical Expressway Series CSRF vulnerabilities (SecurityAffairs)

Fortinet warns of new FortiSIEM RCE bugs in confusing disclosure (BleepingComputer) 

Pakistani telcos suffer widespread Internet blackouts on election day (DCD)

Coyote: A multi-stage banking Trojan abusing the Squirrel installer (Securelist)

Cyber insurance market growing dramatically, Triple-I Finds (AI-TechPark)

Biden Administration Names a Director of the New AI Safety Institute (SecurityWeek)

No one's happy with latest US cyber incident reporting plan (The Register)

DHS Is Recruiting Techies for the AI Corps (BankInfoSecurity)

Can the courts save us from dangerous AI? (Vox)

I Stopped Using Passwords. It's Great—and a Total Mess (WIRED)

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