The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.19.24
Ep 2027 | 3.19.24

SIM swap scammer pleads guilty.

Show Notes

A SIM-swapper faces prison and fines. Here come the class action suits against UnitedHealth Group. Aviation and Aerospace find themselves in the cyber crosshairs. A major mortgage lender suffers a major data breach. A look at election misinformation. The UK shares guidance on migrating SCADA systems to the cloud. Collaborative efforts to contain Smoke Loader. Trend Micro uncovers Earth Krahang. Troy Hunt weighs in on the alleged AT&T data breach. Ben Yelin unpacks the case between OpenAI and the New York Times. And fool me once, shame on you…

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CyberWire Guest

Ben Yelin, Program Director at University of Maryland’s Center for Health and Homeland Security and cohost of our Caveat podcast, discusses the article on how “OpenAI says New York Times ‘hacked’ ChatGPT to build copyright lawsuit.”  

Selected Reading

District of New Jersey | Former Telecommunications Company Manager Admits Role in SIM Swapping Scheme (United States Department of Justice)

Cash-Strapped Women's Clinic Sues UnitedHealth Over Attack (Gov Info Security)

Nations Direct Mortgage Data Breach Impacts 83,000 Individuals (SecurityWeek)

Preparing Society for AI-Driven Disinformation in the 2024 Election Cycle (SecurityWeek)

NCSC Publishes Security Guidance for Cloud-Hosted SCADA (Infosecurity Magazine)

Unit 42 Collaborative Research With Ukraine’s Cyber Agency To Uncover the Smoke Loader Backdoor (Palo Alto Networks Unit 42)

Prolific Chinese Threat Campaign Targets 100+ Victims (Infosecurity Magazine)

Troy Hunt: Inside the Massive Alleged AT&T Data Breach (Troy Hunt)

Kids’ Cartoons Get a Free Pass From YouTube’s Deepfake Disclosure Rules (WIRED)

Ransomware Groups: Trust Us. Uh, Don't. (BankInfoSecurity)

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