The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.20.24
Ep 2028 | 3.20.24

Biden's cyber splash in protecting the nation's water systems.

Show Notes

The White House Mobilizes a National Effort to Shield Water Systems from Cyber Threats and Announces Major Investment in U.S. Chip Manufacturing. The U.S. and Allies Issue Fresh Warnings on China's Volt Typhoon Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure. Microsoft Streamlines 365 Services with a Unified Cloud Domain. Ukrainian authorities take down a credential theft operation. LockBit claims another pharmaceutical company. A popular Wordpress plugin puts tens of thousands of websites at risk. A breach at Mintlify compromises GitHub tokens. An Idaho man pleads guilty to online extortion. The SEC fines firms for AI washing. We’ve got part two of our continuing Learning Layer series with Joe Carrigan and Sam Meisenberg logging Joe’s journey toward his CISSP certification.  And password stuffing Pokemon. 

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CyberWire Guest

Join us as part two of the Learning Layer special series kicks off. Over the next several weekly episodes of the Learning Layer, host Sam Meisenberg talks with Joe Carrigan from Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute, and co-host of Hacking Humans podcast. On this episode, they continue to discuss Joe's journey to becoming a CISSP as well as discussing step one of Joe's study journey: the diagnostic assessment.

Selected Reading

White House Calls on States to Boost Cybersecurity in Water Sector (SecurityWeek)

Five Eyes issue another China Volt Typhoon warning (The Register)

Biden to Tout Government Investing $8.5 Billion in Intel's Computer Chip Plants in Four States (VoaNews)

Microsoft Notifies DevOps Teams That Major Domain Change Is Coming (Cybersecurity News)

Ukraine Arrests Hackers for Selling 100 Million Email, Instagram Accounts (Hack Read)

Pharmaceutical development company investigating cyberattack after LockBit posting (The Record)

WordPress Plugin Flaw Exposes 40,000+ Websites to Cyber Attack (GBHackers)

Mintlify Confirms Data Breach Through Compromised GitHub Tokens (Hack Read)

‘Lifelock’ hacker pleads guilty to extorting medical clinics (The Record)

What does 'AI Washing' mean? Firms Fined $400K by SEC for Exaggerated Statements (Cybersecurity News)

Pokémon resets some users’ passwords after hacking attempts (TechCrunch)

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