The CyberWire Daily Podcast 6.7.24
Ep 2084 | 6.7.24

A snapshot of security woes.

Show Notes

Microsoft's recall raises red flags. Ukraine's CERT sounds alarm. Russian hacktivists cause trouble in EU elections. DEVCORE uncovers critical code execution flaw. LastPass leaves users locked out. Apple commits to five years of iPhone security. An AI mail fail. Inside the FCC's plan to strengthen BGP protocol. Dave sits down with our guest Camille Stewart Gloster, Former Deputy National Cyber Director at the White House, as she shares a retrospective of her public service career. And let’s all Cheers to cybersecurity.

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CyberWire Guest

Guest Camille Stewart Gloster, Former Deputy National Cyber Director at the White House, shares a retrospective of her public service career. Camille’s full conversation with Dave can be found on our weekly cybersecurity law, policy and privacy podcast, Caveat. You can listen to it here

Selected Reading

Microsoft’s Recall Feature Is Even More Hackable Than You Thought (WIRED)

Microsoft Research scientist gives non-answer when asked about Windows Recall privacy concerns (TechSpot) 

TotalRecall: A New Tool that Extracts Data From Windows 11 Recall Feature (Cyber Security News)

Exclusive: Senators express "serious concern" with Pentagon's Microsoft plan (Axios)

UAC-0020 used SPECTR Malware to target Ukraine defense forces (Security Affairs) 

Russian hacktivists vow mass attacks against EU elections (The Register)

Ransomware Actor Exploited CoinMiner Attacker's Proxy Server (Cyber Security News)

Critical PHP Remote Code Execution Flaw let Attackers Inject Malicious Scripts (Cyber Security News)

Users furious after LastPass down for hours (Cybernews)

Apple Says iPhones Will Get Security Updates for at Least 5 Years (SecurityWeek) 

EmailGPT Exposed to Prompt Injection Attacks (Infosecurity Magazine)

FCC Proposes BGP Security Reporting for Broadband Providers (SecurityWeek)

Unpacking the SEC 10-K cyber disclosures (PwC) 

Apple set to launch Passwords app, taking on LastPass and 1Password (TechSpot)

Wineloader Mimic As Ambassador Of India To Start The Infection Chain (Cyber Security News) 

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