The CyberWire Daily Podcast 7.11.24
Ep 2105 | 7.11.24

Inside the crypto scam empire.

Show Notes

A major Pig Butchering marketplace has ties to the Cambodian ruling family. Lulu Hypermarket suffers a data breach. GitLab patches critical flaws. Palo Alto Networks addresses BlastRadius. ViperSoftX malware variants grow ever more stealthy. A New Mexico man gets seven years for SWATting. State and local government employees are increasingly lured in by phishing attacks. Hackers impersonate live chat agents from Etsy and Upwork. The GOP’s official platform looks to roll back AI regulation. On today’s Threat Vector, David Moulton from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 discusses the evolving threats of AI-generated malware with experts Rem Dudas and Bar Matalon. NATO brings the social media influencers to Washington.

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Threat Vector Segment

In this segment of Threat Vector, hosted by David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Palo Alto Networks Unit 42, he explores the evolving world of AI-generated malware with guests, Rem Dudas, Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst, and Bar Matalon, Threat Intelligence Team Lead. From exploring the vulnerabilities in AI models to discussing the potential implications for cybersecurity, this episode offers a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities posed by this emerging threat. You can listen to the full episode here

Selected Reading

The $11 Billion Marketplace Enabling the Crypto Scam Economy (WIRED)

Hackers steal data of 200k Lulu customers in an alleged breach (CSO Online)

GitLab update addresses pipeline execution vulnerability (Developer Tech News)

Palo Alto Networks Addresses BlastRADIUS Vulnerability, Fixes Critical Bug in Expedition Tool (SecurityWeek)

ViperSoftX malware covertly runs PowerShell using AutoIT scripting (Bleeping Computer)

Man sentenced to 7 years for Westfield High School threat hoax (Current Publishing)

State, local governments facing deluge of phishing attacks (SC Media)

Hackers impersonate live chat support agents in new phishing scam (Cybernews)

2024 GOP platform would roll back tech regulations on AI, crypto (The Washington Post)

NATO's newest weapon is online content creators (The Washington Post) 

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