The CyberWire Daily Podcast 3.3.17
Ep 298 | 3.3.17

Risk mitigation scores some wins this week. Amazon finds the typo that took out the Internet. Symantec gets into the VC game. Yahoo! agonistes. Wassenaar's prospects. PRC wants cyber peace. And farewell to Howard Schmidt.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we review some encouraging news about Android apps, Cloudbleed, and Slack's swift bug patching. Amazon finds a typo at the root of Wednesday's internet outages. Symantec opens a venture arm. Yahoo! breach post mortems continue. Decryption tools for Dharma ransomware are out. Prospects look dim, again, for Wassenaar. China calls for the demilitarization of cyberspace. Terbium's Emily Wilson surveys the Dark Web scene during tax season. MasterCard's Melanie Gluck takes us behind the scenes of credit card security. And the security sector bids farewell to Howard Schmidt—leader, advisor, and mentor.