The CyberWire Daily Podcast 11.3.17
Ep 469 | 11.3.17

BadRabbit misdirection? Fancy Bear's wish list. AWS misconfigurations. Data breach notes.

Show Notes

In today's podcast, we hear that BadRabbit looks like misdirection. Fancy Bear's wish list is out, and it's very long, and very global. US prosecutors may be preparing to indict half-a-dozen Russian officials in the DNC hack. Malaysia continues to recover from a major series of data breaches. GhostWriter poses a man-in-the-middle threat to AWS users who misconfigure their accounts. And it was Halloween, but the ShadowBrokers weren't much in evidence. Perhaps they were unrecognizable in their Wonder Woman and Mighty Thor costumes? David DuFour from Webroot on recent ransomware trends.  Guests are Sherrie Caltagirone, founder and executive director of the Global Emancipation Network (GEN), and Andrew Lewman, SVP of DarkOwl. They are using the tools of cyber security to help stop human trafficking online.